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National Pet Fire Safety Day


According to the United States Fire Administration, an estimated half million pets are affected annually by fires. July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day, Paws & Pals would like to offer some tips to help you and your pet stay safe. We hope you will follow these important guidelines to help prevent disaster from harming that which is most precious to you, your family.

Develop a Plan for your Pet
  • Be sure that your dog and other pets are part of your organized evacuation plan. Rehearse your plan repeatedly with your family, including your dog.
  • Determine which family member will be responsible for each pet.
  • Know where your pets hide, as this may be the first place they go if there is a fire.
  • Assemble a dog disaster kit including: a supply of your dog’s kibble and treats, water, vaccination records and medications, emergency contact information including your veterinarian’s number, a favorite toy and an extra leash and collar with your dog’s identification.
  • Increase the chances of your dog’s rescue by putting a sticker on your door reading, “DOG INSIDE. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, PLEASE RESCUE”


Prevent Your Pet from Starting Fires

We shudder to think about it. But according to the National Fire Protection Association, each year more than 1,000 house fires are accidentally started by pets.  We suggest you take a minute to pet proof your home against potential fire hazards—it could mean the difference between life and death for your four-legged friends.

  • Blow it out. Don’t leave lit candles unattended.
  • Cover it up. Pets are naturally curious and will investigate almost anything that has a scent. This includes your oven. Be sure to remove stove knobs or protect them with covers before leaving the house. Believe it or not, exploring stove tops is the number one way your pet can accidentally start a fire.
  • Secure young pets – Keep them confined away from potential fire-starting hazards when you are away from home such as in crates or behind baby gates in secure areas.


For additional fire prevention and pet safety guidance from The Red Cross, click here.

If you need a Pet Alert Window Cling, the ASPCA distributes free alert stickers on their website.


Water and Your Dog
April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month

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