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We use positive training techniques.
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At Paws & Pals Pet Resort, our dog training programs are presented in partnership with Unleashed Behavior & Training Services. Together, we offer a complete series of training classes for puppies as well as adult dogs. Our professional trainers have earned the highest levels of industry certification and have over 30-years of real-world experience, including working with rescued and adopted dogs that have challenging issues due to their difficult pasts. Our trainers have a genuine love for dogs and a true desire to make your training experience as successful as possible. If you are looking for loving, humane, and efficient dog training in Prior Lake and the surrounding areas, we have you covered!
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Our Dog

Training Services

At Paws & Pals Pet Resort, we use positive training techniques based on Behavior Modification. We strive to teach your dog to want to work for you. Nothing that happens during training should break down your relationship with your dog. You want a companion, best friend, and treasured member of the family. Everything you do in training should work to build the relationship you desire. All of our classes and programs are designed with that in mind. We are here to help you develop a rewarding and positive relationship with your pet.

Refresher Obedience Training

While your dog is playing or staying with us, our staff will refresh basic obedience training with repetition and plenty of positive reinforcement. Daily 15 to 20-minute sessions may include a variety of learned behaviors, including sit, down, stay, come, and heel. We will also incorporate distractions as needed. We can even teach them some fun tricks!

The more often your pet participates in our refresher program, the more advanced they will become. Depending on your dog and their behavior, we recommend at least three to five sessions. Notes will be provided as needed, and we will demonstrate the behavior to you after the last session and assist you with “knowledge transfer.” The only prerequisite is completion of a previous obedience class or equivalent training.
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Puppy Play School

*This is done by Paws and Pals staff
Puppies in the class will get to experience socialization with other dogs, people, and objects (hats, funny glasses, agility tunnels, skateboards, brooms, vacuums, mops, and much more) as well as desensitizing to grooming & handling. Participants will learn appropriate play and dog body language. We will cover common puppy behaviors including mouthing/chewing, jumping, and barking. In addition, the class will work on training topics such as crate training, house/potty training, name recognition, touch & recall, sit, and down. For those reasons, this class is best suited for puppies under 4 months of age. Be ready to come to class with high value treats (breakable, soft, smelly; whatever your pup likes!) and a clicker (not required but recommended). Bring your puppy on a 6-ft leash and a flat collar, harness, or gentle leader (pinch, choke or e-collars are not permitted in class)

Obedience Training

Level 1 Obedience and Behavior

*This is done by outside trainer Unleashed Behavior and Training Services
We cover basic obedience behaviors: "sit", "down", "stay", "come" and "heel". We'll also teach your dog to "stand" on cue. A great deal of time is spent on house and social manners. We address jumping up, barking, biting, stealing inappropriate items and any other behavior causing problems.

Level 2 Obedience and Behavior

*This is done by outside trainer Unleashed Behavior and Training Services
We continue improving skills on basic obedience behaviors by adding distance, distraction, and duration. We teach you how to work with your dog on a long line, moving class outside when possible. This class will extend your skills to gain off-leash control and build confidence.

Dog Training

in Prior Lake

If you are searching for dog training in Prior Lake, choose Paws & Pals Pet Resort! Contact us today to learn more or to enroll your pet in one of our programs.
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