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Understanding Fear in Dogs

Every dog or animal with a reasonably developed central nervous system has fear. Fear is one of the ...
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Separation Anxiety – Please Don’t Leave Me Alone!

Back-to-school season is a time of transition for the whole family, as parents and children begin to...
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Top Summer Safety Tips

Our pets love summer just as much as we do! For many, it’s the best time of year to be out, about, a...
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Avoiding Springtime Hazards

By the time the cold winter winds and snowstorms are replaced by pleasant sun-warmed spring days, pe...
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Tips for Grooming Your Dog In Winter

During winter, pet owners will sometimes neglect the regular grooming schedule used during warmer mo...
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10 Gratitude Lessons to Learn from Your Dog

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, many people are trying to cultivate the value of gratitude...
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5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Pet’s Health

In today’s fast paced world, many pet owners find themselves without the amount of time they would l...
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Preventing Heatstroke in Dogs

On a sunny day with temperatures at or above 70° Fahrenheit, most people know that the temperature i...
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Spring Garden Safety for Pets

Spring is here, and for many families this means getting out in the yard and planting that beautiful...
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Combating Cabin Fever How to keep your dogs (and you) from going stir crazy in wintertime.

When winter’s cold weather is punctuated with seemingly endless bouts of heavy snow and pelting rain...
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