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Five Common Mistakes Pet Parents Make

We know you love your dog, but being a pet parent is not all cuddles and games of fetch. It comes wi...
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Lean Dogs Live Longer

Study looked at 57,000 dogs over 20 years A retrospective study reported in the January 2019 Journal...
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Heat Exhaustion in Dogs

Pet Care – Signs and Treatment of Heat Exhaustion in Dogs Summer is a great time to be with your dog...
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Five Safe Drinking Water Tips

Water sources are not always safe for your dog to drink. 1) When hiking, carry water for your dog an...
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Unsafe Garden Plants for Dogs

What are Some Unsafe Garden Plants for Dogs? Spring has finally arrived, and planting and gardening ...
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Why Do Dogs Smell Each Other’s Butts?

Why do dogs smell each other’s butts? It may seem weird and gross to us but butt sniffing is how dog...
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Canine Respiratory Illness Causes and Symptoms

Veterinarians in the Prior Lake/Savage area have notified Paws & Pals that they have seen an inc...
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Guidelines for Responsible Pet Ownership

Owning a pet is a privilege and should result in a mutually beneficial relationship. The benefits of...
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How Much Exercise is Right?

Exercise does more than help keep your dog’s weight where it should be, maintain his cardiovascular ...
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5 Summer Road Trip Tips

Keep safety in mind when you travel with your canine pal this summer. 1. Refresh your training. Befo...
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