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Is Too Much Exercise Bad for Your Pet Dog?


Our dogs are natural athletes. We see them in the yard, running and jumping in ways that make us tired to watch. So it seems only natural that we want to get them out there for more exercise. But is all this exercise really good for them? Like many things in life, you can provide your dog with too much of a good thing.


Most dogs can get the amount of exercise they need to stay physically and mentally healthy by running in your yard or going on walks with you. 

Why regular exercise is good for your dog.

Exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy weight. A dog with an above-average activity level will burn more calories than one who does not get enough exercise. Exercise can also help keep up a dog's condition when he has arthritis or other joint problems because it keeps him flexible and mobile.


Exercise helps build muscle tone and burns fat—which helps keep your pet at an appropriate weight even if he eats more than average amounts of food while recovering from surgery or injury, This extra muscle also improves his ability to move around easily once healed.

What determines how much exercise is good for your dog?

Three main factors help you determine how much you should exercise your pet.


  • Age

Your dog should be at least one year old before doing intense exercise like jogging or hiking to give his bones proper time to develop. Before beginning a rigorous exercise program, ensure your puppy's bones are sturdy enough. As your dog ages, they need less exercise. 

  • Breed 

Some breeds are naturally more active than others and therefore need less exercise. For example, Labradors require a lot of exercise, and border collies don't need as much. If you have a breed that needs more activity, it's essential to ensure they get plenty of playtime outside or engaging games inside the house (and maybe even take them on walks).


If you have a flat-faced breed like a Bulldog or Pug, you should be careful to avoid over-exertion. These breeds may struggle to breathe if they are overexerted due to the shape of their face.

  • Health

Dogs with certain health conditions should not be overworked because it could exacerbate their symptoms. This is especially applicable for overweight or obese dogs. And if your dog has joint problems or heart issues, you should be extra mindful of how much activity they get daily.

Signs you're exercising your dog too much.

If you think your dog is over-exercising, paying attention to their behavior is essential. If they begin panting or resting after short walks, it's time to take a break from exercise for a few days. Other signs include limping, vomiting and diarrhea. 


If you notice these symptoms in your pet after exercising with them, take them to the vet immediately to determine if an underlying medical issue is causing them.


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