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How To Adjust to a Life With Your New Puppy


Congratulations on bringing home your first puppy! As a new pet parent, you are sure to be excited to spend some quality bonding time with your new furry friend.


However, bringing home a puppy isn’t just all rainbows and sunshine, it’s hard work! A puppy is a living breathing creature that will completely depend on you to fulfill all his needs. 


Indeed, the first month of pet ownership for a new pet parent is usually the hardest. Tempers may arise when your puppy demands your attention when you’re not in the mood. Or frustration may get the better of you when your pup plants poop landmines throughout the house. 


The key is to establish clear boundaries and expectations for your puppy. Such as:


  • Designating a clear bathroom spot
  • Getting chew toys to avoid property destruction 
  • Establishing a place for sleep 
  • Enforce basic household rules



But with time, and a little patience, you and your companion will forge an unbreakable bond. In a year, you’ll probably be amazed there was ever a time in your life when your furry friend wasn’t by your side.


We’ll Train Your New Puppy at Paw & Pals Resort

If you're looking for a high-quality dog training program, Paw & Pals Resort is the right place for you! In addition to maintaining only the highest levels of industry certification, our trainers have over 30-years of experience with both puppies and adult dogs. 


With our genuine love and passion for dogs, your pup couldn't be in better hands. If you’re interested in training services please call us today to learn more about our programs!


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