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Get Your Pet Groomed Regularly in Savage


Grooming is an important part of keeping your pet happy, healthy and safe. Some of the benefits of regularly grooming your pet include:

  • Your pet will smell clean and feel fresh: No more dirty cuddles with your pet! When you get a full groom, it typically includes baths, which help clean out any dirt, grime, and dust from your pet’s fur that may have accumulated while your pet was outside.


  • The groomer will find any fleas, ticks, or other insects: When groomers comb through your pet’s fur, they will be able to see any insects that could be affecting your pet’s health and daily wellbeing. For example, signs of fleas and ticks include excessive scratching or licking and small black or white dots which could be the actual bugs or their eggs.


  • Groomers can detect irregularities in the skin: Sometimes your pet may get small bumps on their skin which could be the result of food allergies, environmental allergies, or something else. Getting these looked at early with your vet will help minimize any potential long-term damage. 


  • Your pet will develop a healthy and shiny coat of fur: By regularly grooming your pet, they will develop a shiny and healthy coat that doesn’t shed or itch as much. Healthy coats ensure your pet is confident and healthy in the long-run. Grooming will also remove any extra dirt from the coat as well. 


  • Your pet’s nails will stay at a comfortable length: Nail-trimming is an important part of your pet’s well-being. Long nails can lead to pain while walking and even bad posture. 


  • It can reduce the possibility of ear infections: Your pets ears can attract a variety of things such as dirt, bugs, and other debris. Professional groomers know how to properly clean these sensitive areas and remove any dirt from your pet’s ears. 


We’ll Pamper Your Pet at Paws & Pals Pet Resort

At Paws & Pals Pet Resort, our talented and compassionate team of pet stylists strive for nothing but the most dazzling results. From simple bathing to professional and specific breed cuts, we are dedicated to providing what you and your companion need. Contact us today to book your dog’s stay.


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