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Doggy Daycare in Prior Lake


We all know how heart-wrenching it can be for our pups when a busy day of errands and work is on our plate. If you are a busy owner who frequently spends time outside the home, a great investment of your time and resources could be well placed in a trustworthy dog daycare!

Registering your pup in daycare is tremendously more favorable to your dog’s mental and physical wellbeing. Here is a list below of some of the benefits your pup will gain while at their daycare:


  • Rather than lounging unaccompanied by your front window for hours, your pet will get a heap of exercise with team members and other pups!
  • Your dog will socialize and make new packmates friends
  • Your dog’s heartbreaking separation anxiety will be therapeutically eased as they realize they will not be left companionless in your absence.
  • Most apparent for you as an owner, you can rest with a guilt-free mind knowing your dog is in high spirits and in good company!

Finding the right facility for you and your dog is essential in ensuring confidence that your pup’s needs are appropriately met. Enroll your canine companion in a facility you can trust such as Paws and Pals Pet Resort. Your pet will be given only the most luxurious treatment and one-on-one care from our professional staff!

Paw & Pals Resort (Prior Lake)

At Paw & Pals Resort, we guarantee your pet will find our resort to be a home away from home. Let your pup meet and make new friends instead of anxiously waiting for your return home. Contact us today to arrange your and your pet’s evaluation day!


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