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Christmas With Pets in Prior Lake


Are you excited to spend the holiday season with your beloved animal companion? Christmas with pets in Prior Lake can get pretty hectic. In this article, you’ll learn about how to spend a safe Christmas with your pets. Using this information has allowed families worldwide to enjoy a stress-free holiday season.


Careful With the Christmas Tree

It doesn’t feel right to have Christmas with pets in Prior Lake without putting up a Christmas tree. For many families, Christmas trees are a tradition they look forward to every year during the holiday season. However, you may feel saddened to learn that these trees can actually be dangerous for your pets.

You don't need to skip out on the Christmas tree this year; you just need to be mindful of the danger it has for your furry friend. Many Christmas trees are coated with preservatives that can be toxic when ingested. Furthermore, the ornaments you hang up on these trees are usually relatively small and can be choking hazards for curious pets.

Christmas Day Food

Food on Christmas day can be dangerous if you feed it to your pet. It's not that they're eating on Christmas; it's that there are many ingredients in common Christmas foods that are harmful to pets when eaten.

When having Christmas with pets in Prior Lake, it’s always best to stick to their regular diets. Many holiday desserts have toxic ingredients in them, such as chocolate, alcohol, grapes, garlic, and others. You also want to keep your chicken and turkey scraps protected because their bones can shatter and cause internal bleeding if eaten.



Lights and Fires

Lights and fires are often lit up around the house during Christmas to set the festive spirit. However, if you leave your pet unattended around them, they could get hurt. Christmas lights can electrocute your precious pet if they chew on them. They also risk getting burnt or even lighting the entire house on fire if they play with your Christmas candles. You generally want to keep these things away from their reach as much as possible.



We Can Celebrate a Fun and Safe Christmas With Your Pet

Paws & Pals Resort has all your dog boarding, daycare, grooming, and training needs under one convenient location. We care for your pet like it’s a member of our own family. Need a safe & fun place for your pet to stay during the holidays? Book your pet's boarding appointment now, before we book up.


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