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5 Signs That Your Dog Is Stressed


If you're a dog owner, you know that your best friend can be an absolute treasure. That said, there are times when a dog's behavior can send up some red flags that might indicate that they are experiencing anxiety or stress. If your dog is exhibiting any of these signs, check them out and ensure they're ok.

1. Destructive Chewing

Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs, and it can be very frustrating to have your dog chew something that you consider priceless. If your dog is chewing on things other than toys or bones (like clothes or shoes), there could be a more serious problem at hand.

2. Flattened Or Rigid Ears

When your dog's ears are pinned back and flat, it could signify they're stressed. This can happen when a dog is scared or nervous about something, and dogs often exhibit this behavior when they feel threatened by another animal. 

3. Freezing In Place

If your dog is stressed out by something around them (like a loud noise or sudden movement), it can lead to freezing in place. This is especially common when dogs are confronted with something new, like a strange person walking past their house for the first time or seeing another dog on the street.

4. Shaking

Shaking is a sign of fear, pain, or anxiety and can also signify that your dog is experiencing a stressful situation. If your dog shakes uncontrollably and continues to do so even when you are near them, this could indicate that they are experiencing anxiety and stress.

5. Pacing

Pacing is the most common sign of stress in dogs and can be a sign of anxiety, fear, or boredom. If you notice your dog pacing when nothing is happening around them (such as when they're waiting for their food bowl), this could mean that something is bothering them mentally.


Ways To Help Your Stressed Dog

Here are five ways to help out your stressed-out fur baby.

  1. Exercise your dog on a regular basis
  2. Physical contact- A dog's owner's touch is probably the most soothing thing to an anxious dog.
  3. Doggy massage- Massage therapy relieves tension in the muscles caused by anxiety
  4. Music therapy- It can be calming and relaxing for your pet to listen to music
  5. Alternative therapy- Some therapies can be used to soothe your dogs, such as homeopathy or supplements.


The best way to help your dog is by being proactive with their stress. You can help keep them calm and prevent any further anxiety by giving them a little extra attention. If they are exhibiting any of the signs above, make sure they're getting plenty of love and affection from you!


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